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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Honours


School of Psychology and Social Science


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science

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Dr Eyal Gringart


In the context of an ageing population it has become increasingly important to identify the determinants of wellbeing in older adulthood. A review of the literature relevant to wellbeing and strengths relevant to older male farmers in Australia was conducted. This body of knowledge was identified to be sparse. Existing literature on farming primarily had a deficits focus, and only a small number of qualitative studies were specific to older male farmers. Four broad, overlapping areas representing the meaning of wellbeing were identified as potentially important: farming work; connectedness; the land; health and wellbeing. The inter-connected nature of farming life was identified as presenting a unique set of circumstances for ageing well. Specifically, it was suggested that maintaining self-integrity within farming life may be important. In light of the depth provided by qualitative studies into the lived experiences of older male farmers in the state of New South Wales, it was concluded that further research of this nature was required in other states of Australia. Researcher:

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