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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Honours


School of Psychology and Social Science


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science

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Dr Greg Dear


Stigma is the devaluation of groups and individuals because of traits or behaviours that deviate from social norms. Drug use is a highly stigmatised behaviour, as it is mainly viewed as a controllable behaviour or character weakness. Stigma may occur by association and this is known as courtesy or associative stigma. A comprehensive review investigated associative stigma among families of psychoactive substance users. Searches of psychological databases located articles pertaining to associative stigma among families. Articles located indicated that associative stigma occurs toward families in other populations, such as those living with mental illness and HIV. A lack of research exists with regard to stigma among families of alcohol and other drug (AOD) users. Exploratory studies are needed to ascertain how stigma is experienced by families of AOD users and what impact this has on emotional and psychosocial wellbeing and to inform policy makers regarding service needs.

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Psychology Commons