Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Honours


Faculty of Business and Law

First Advisor

Dr Kate Mizerski


The present focus on healthy living has created many business opportunities including the health food market. With the increase interest and the rapid growth, many significant changes with regard to people's perception and interactions with food choices are inevitable. Therefore, this study seeks to expand the marketing literature with regard to interaction between marketing dynamics and perceptions of healthy food choices. The sample consisted of 150 survey questionnaire respondents. The unit of analysis for this research was identified as the Edith Cowan University and therefore the sample was drawn from within the university. The research framework for the study was aimed at examining people's perceptions and consumer needs with regard to healthy foods; demographic and psychographic influences on healthy food choices; and the impact of personal value and culture on healthy food perceptions. The data collected were analyzed using SPSS and various techniques such as Factor analysis, Regression analysis, ANOVA and T-tests were used to examine the statistical significance of the data. However the results indicated both consistent as well as inconsistent findings with the existing marketing literature as well as new findings contributing to better understand the health food market. Further, this study will provide findings that can be used to develop regulations aimed at controlling food advertising as well as help build a health conscious society by increasing awareness of how to lead a healthier lifestyle through food choices.