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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries


Increasing research into social constructions of gender, have begun focusing on the study of male behaviour, or masculinity. The study of hegemonic masculinities helps display the dominant forms of socialised acceptable behaviour and expose artificial constructions of gender difference. Concerning trends in destructive masculine behaviour may find relationships with other forms of social disconnection linked with late capitalism. I look at how direct localised contributions to constructing masculinities have been disempowered by the expansion of the Western corporate economy. The culture of popular sport has been transformed to create an individual identification with Australian Rules Football and its masculinities, that are based primarily on a mediated experience. I discuss the methods of visual communication that are undertaken by the media, and attempt to uncover some of the false constructions with identity. The visual arts and other creative media such as film, may be found as a place for critical social dialogue to exist. My own art practice picks up on these concerns and questions the mediated relationships that present hegemonic masculinities. This thesis is an attempt to discuss if, and how that space can be productive in extending positive gender discussion.