Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries

First Advisor

Greg Prior

Second Advisor

Derek Kreckler


The intention of writing this thesis is to present mama as a philosophy and an approach to my art practice. In doing so it is intended to consolidate years of research and practice as a cohesive whole. In developing this philosophy its purpose was not to set out a strict set of rules or conditions but to maintain a responsive and reflexive approach that accepts human nature as part of the creative process. Although one of mama's functions is to ask the question: "What is art", it is not looking for a definitive answer. Rather, it describes an approach to art through inquiry that challenges systems, patterns of behaviour and preconceived ideas. This approach is always underpinned by a fundamental questioning of art. As the mama philosophy has developed in response to historical, cultural and personal experiences, the contents of this thesis reflects all these elements. In describing the philosophy I have endeavoured not only to show its development and influences but also demonstrate how it has manifested into practical projects.

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