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Bachelor of Computer Science Honours


School of Computer and Information Science


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


The exponential growth of the Internet, and the subsequent reliance on the resources it connects, has exposed a clear need for an Internet identifier which remains accessible over time. Such identifiers have been dubbed persistent identifiers owing to the promise of reliability they imply. Persistent naming systems exist at present, however it is the resolution of these systems into what Kunze, (2003) calls "persistent actionable identifiers" which is the focus of this work. Actionable identifiers can be thought of as identifiers which are accessible in a simple fashion such as through a web browser or through a specific application. This thesis identifies the Uniform Resource Name (URN) as an appropriate identification scheme for persistent resource naming. Evaluation of current URN systems finds that no practical means of global URN resolution is currently available. Two ,new approaches to URN resolution, unique in their use of the Domain Name System (DNS) are introduced. The proposed designs are assessed according to their Usability, Security and Evolution and an implementation described for an example URN namespace of language identifiers.