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Bachelor of Communications Honours


Faculty of Education and Arts


The prime objective of my creative film project and exegesis is to explore the Australian commercial media's unethical treatment of its human subjects, with a particular focus on the issues of privacy-invasion, and defamation. I have endeavoured to produce a short film that prompts the audience to evaluate their own values and attitudes towards an individual's privacy. I believe my research area is significant because acts of privacy-invasion by the media can have serious negative impacts on the life of an individual. Defamation can destroy an individual's livelihood, their standing within the community, and self-esteem. I believe commercial media organisations only trivialize these issues because it is in their interest to do so. My exegesis is divided into two main sections. The first section will cover privacy-invasion and defamation in Australian reality television, and Australian commercial broadcast journalism. The second section will be a discourse on how the issue of privacy-invasion and defamation in Australian reality television and commercial broadcast journalism is explored through the story, central characters, music and mise-en-scene of my film, Space Invaders (2007). My film, Space Invaders, is both entertaining, and informative, and would be a useful educational tool for students studying journalism at Australian universities that offer journalism as a course of study.