Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Hospitality Management Honours


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure


Faculty of Business and Law

First Advisor

Nevil Alexander


This study has explored the importance of feedback mechanisms in the hospitality industry. A mixed methodology was adopted so that the main or major issues could be identified and the respondents' feelings and emotions examined and discovered. In-depth interviews were conducted to discover and explore hotel managers' feeling, emotions, thoughts and understanding of feedback mechanism in the hotel. A questionnaire was developed to investigate the hotel front office or room division staff perspective on feedback mechanisms in the hotel. The rich data is very important because it gives the study more significance and detail. This research found that using feedback mechanisms in the hotel will have a positive impact and also leads an organisation to improve the hotel in terms of product and service quality. The study also found that feedback mechanism is important for the organisation not only fulfilling the needs of the customers but also helping the organisation to serve the customers better by providing their needs and meeting or exceeding their expectancy. In addition, it will also help the organisation to identify any spot weaknesses of the organisation's product or services or employees' that the management could not identify. The analysis of the results showed that guest comment cards' is the most useful feedback tools for the hospitality industry. However, this fact is in contrast with the statement in the literature review. Although customer feedback .is both positive and negative, how can an organisation make an improvement based on customers' perspectives only viewing the management's perspective? Also, when there is negative customer feedback, management is able to settle or to solve the problem quickly (i.e. compensation). This study showed the importance, the usefulness and the benefits of feedback mechanisms and found the most useful feedback mechanism which is the guest comment card. Future research will be able to use the findings from this research to develop a model for measuring customer benefits focusing on the hospitality industry.