Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Business Honours


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure


Faculty of Business and Law

First Advisor

Dr Maria Ryan


The market for stationery products is constantly evolving particularly in light of technological influences and changes in the range of items available beyond single category products. Customers now seek more than pens and paper products; rather they are looking towards convenient specialist stationery one-stop-shop options. This research aimed to provide insight into consumers' specialist stationery products (SSPs) purchasing intentions across different age groups. A qualitative design via focus groups was used to gather consumer information. This process allowed for expressions of personal feelings and emotions relating to SSPs purchasing experiences to be captured. The findings revealed that brand personality is a valuable asset in bonding consumers' relationships with SSPs. In conjunction with this emotional value, brand personality relates to the product's functional benefits and provides both intrinsic and extrinsic value in satisfying the consumers' specific needs -all of which are key factors in motivating consumers' SSPs purchasing intentions. In this study preferred SSPs brand personality factors, such as Simplistic, Exciting, and Likable, were determined in response to the values sought by consumer in each age group. While strong brand personality values formed part of consumers' self-identity, they also demonstrate commitments to SSPs. Collectible behaviours were evident in this research and these behaviours formed strong brand loyalty. This emotional relationship ensured consumers' current and future positive SSPs purchasing intentions. The outcomes highlighted that brand personality values in SSPs are important and should be considered in differentiating marketing strategies. These strategies have the potential to influence consumers' decision-making, and therefore can assist marketers in responding to today's highly competitive stationery business within an advanced technological environment.