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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Communications Honours


Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries


Girl du jour explores and discusses a select group of women's lives, as well as factors influencing the development of young women's identities. The project offers a personal and intimate insight into the women's lives through the use of documentary/photojournalism whilst also incorporating the choreographed image. Girl du jour explores the group of young women's lives both theoretically and visually, making reference to the performance of identity, women's issues, body image (including young women and the influence of the fashion industry) and motherhood. The women depicted are exposed in their intimate, public and social lives are depicted in an attempt to recognise the aspirations, concerns and desires felt by these women in their journey for the creation of identity. Nostalgic imagery from the past are included in the introduction of the creative work in order to establish the initial identities of the young women as girls and their journey into womanhood. The creative work also employs a poetic format inherent with diaries, and to enhance the concept of biographies, handwritten quotes are also included. The theoretical concepts of groups and autobiographies and biographies are referred to in order to establish the grounds for the young women of 1996 into womanhood of 2005.