Date of Award


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Bachelor of Communications Honours


School of Communications and Contemporary Art


Faculty of Education & Arts

First Advisor

Dr Panizza Allmark


Recent events have seen an increased focus on Islam and Muslims throughout the world. In Western nations, this focus has often turned into fear and the demonisation of an 'other' that is regularly misunderstood and misrepresented, further exacerbating tensions between the West and Islam. International terrorist activities, such as the London bombings of July 7, 2005 have seen an increase in fear of Muslims and of potential terrorism on our shores, ensuring Muslim issues have become a major focus in Australian news. Taking 7/7 as an example, this paper supplements recent studies in exploring how Australian news media position Muslims as an 'other' to mainstream Australian society, and how this has become synthesised with the political agenda of the current government. As an addition to discourse analysis of major Australian newspapers, and in lieu of misrepresentation and underrepresentation by such media, the study investigates the new media form of internet networks and blogging. The analysis of Islamic blog sites highlights the potential for a counter-culture to maintain a voice outside of the mainstream, as well as the possibility of reviving an eroded public sphere.