Husband of the Above

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of International, Cultural and Community Studies


Faculty of Education & Arts


Husband of the Above is a significant excerpt of the biography of my father-in-law, Harry Fouweather, a coal miner in Northern England during the 1940's. Harry's story represents an ongoing interest of mine, as I consider that his life is charged with hardship, pathos, and, most significantly, humour. This quiet, unassuming man is now eighty years old and I remain extremely keen to document his life before it is too late. I have presented notable intervals from Harry's life chronologically, from childhood until the present. In order to infuse this project with an intergenerational perspective, I have interwoven modern 'vignettes', which chiefly focus upon Harry's grandchildren. In this manner, I hope to validate the influence of past generations upon the present; not only in terms of the ongoing ramifications of their actions, but also in consideration of inherited traits.

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