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Bachelor of Contemporary Arts Honours


School of Communications and Arts


Faculty of Education & Arts

First Advisor

Nicola Kaye


It is through the discipline of visual arts that I research the subject of the mind-body relationship and the notion of liminality- this is the space in-between. To that end, the aim of this research is to investigate and construct a visible means of exhibiting liminal space. This creative work will be used as a metaphor for the synergy between body and mind, which I contend occurs within an internal liminal space. I investigate these concepts through the double articulation of creative practice and a written exegesis, based on the following research questions: 'In what ways can glass be used as a metaphor for the liminal space in which mind and body connect?' and, 'Through what methods can visual art effectively communicate the notion of liminal space?' The examination is undertaken through practice led research, using the theoretical and practical application of the methodology of reflexivity. The main theoretical framework of the research is based on the writings of French philosopher and phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Through creative practice and the written exegesis, I undertake a comparative analysis of the works of contemporary visual artists Anish Kapoor and Gabriella Bisetto. It is my endeavour, in using such artists, to critically analyse the themes of mind-body relationship, liminality and the material of glass.

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Sculpture Commons