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Bachelor of Arts Honours


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)


Faculty of Education & Arts


This research paper is an exploration of the creation of movement using dual patterning, which is the tracing of two patterns simultaneously as a dual task. This piece of writing discusses practitioners Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown and Lisa Kraus in their experiments with altering bodily habit. It also discusses patterns, imagery, bodily knowledge, and coordination to help facilitate the experiment. Thoughts and findings from the studio are discussed from the process to gain understanding of the experiment. Utilizing bodily intelligence or bodily knowledge, the body initially experiences a separation of hemispheres or halves of the body to enable the process of development of movement material using constellations of the stars as a blueprint for movement to be mapped out and created. Randomly selected body parts, being either muscles, tendons, or bones are used to lead the body through the constellation space creating sequences, for each half of the body to encounter and embody through repeated practice to form new movement as a whole.

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