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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of International, Cultural and Community Studies


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Supervisor

Dr Charles Edelman

Second Supervisor

Peter Burkardt


The following thesis aims to provide an insight into the life of British playwright, John Osborne and to examine his relationship with both his mother and other significant females present in his life. In addition, the following document aims to consider the subsequent effect Osborne's relationships may have had upon both the construction and depiction of the maternal role in four of his plays: Look Back in Anger (1956), The Entertainer (1957), Time Present (1968) and The Hotel in Amsterdam (1968). Evidence to support the thesis was obtained from a wide variety of sources: autobiographies, biographies, plays, film, critical theory, reviews and journals. It is presented in a traditional and chronological format. The thesis examines Osborne's relationship with some of the significant women in his life, in tum highlighting specific people and events that may have effected the production of specific characters and/or events in the nominated plays. It provides the reader with a greater insight to Osborne's relationship with women and an in-depth assessment of the maternal roles in the nominated plays.