How Droll : A Screenplay Based on a Feminist Perspective of Film

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of Communications and Arts


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Marcella Polain


My Honour's project includes a full-length feature film screenplay titled How Droll and an accompanying exegetical essay. I began my study with the intention of writing a screenplay with strong female characters in leading roles without succumbing to stereotypes. I read feminist critiques of films and applied these concepts to my screenplay and the accompanying essay. In my essay I referred to successful films and television shows with females in comical or leading roles. I also contrasted three recently released films, Meet Dave, Rambo IV and Juno, with my screenplay and discussed the differences between the representation of women and men in each of these films. I then commented on what I was trying to achieve in my screenplay compared to what is out there in cinemas today. My final screenplay met my expectations because it shows that I can write a screenplay with interesting female characters who are not defined by stereotypes such as the caring mother, the dutiful wife or the attractive sexual siren. My female characters play active roles and have interesting lives and unique personalities.

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