Date of Award


Document Type



Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts Honours


School of Communications and Arts


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Supervisor

Dr Dean Chan

Second Supervisor

Dr Nicola Kaye


This research project is focused on sound art, and the material qualities of sound. The aim of this project is to employ the methodology of reflexive praxis, to better understand 'sound art' and how it communicates in the gallery context. Two mutually informing streams of research have been applied; textual analysis and creative practice. Through their combined use, the relationship between 'sound art'; and the gallery can be understood in theory based analysis and discussion, and in practice. Drawing on exhibitions such as Of Art & Music and Wet Sounds, this research attempts to locate the practice of 'sound art' in relation· to different contexts of display, as a way of understanding how the gallery shapes communication. It also describes the material quality of sound; specifically how sound relates to space.