Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of Arts and Humanities

First Advisor

Gregory Pryor


This creative honours project is a practice-led investigation into the painted figural landscape, particularly with the aim of identifying and exploring mutuality within the enduring artistic traditions of Chinese and Western painting. Informing this cross-cultural analysis is a deep engagement with the ‘figure in the landscape’ artworks of Giovanni Bellini and Shen Zhou; both painters chosen to represent their respective artistic traditions’. To support this search for mutuality this project was equipped with a Stoic Cosmopolitan perspective designed to facilitate cross-cultural understanding. Using this theoretical perspective and an informed understanding of these two artists practices’, a series of painted studies was produced for contemporary Western and Chinese audiences. The key theme of these studies revealed itself in the form of a common narrative that was found to exist within both artistic traditions. This narrative talked of a universal tension experienced by individuals when caught between physical and spiritual spaces.