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Bachelor of Business (Hons.)


Faculty of Business and Public Management.

First Advisor

Dr Sue Colyer


Australian Football and sport in general is a large part of the Australian culture. In the past men have dominated most aspects of sport as participants, spectators and administrators. Women have fulfilled a submissive role supporting men's sporting pursuits. However, the role of women is more significant and football clubs are recognising the importance of this membership segment by creating clubs within clubs to cater for the needs of female members. This study examined the reasons why women enjoy watching men's sport and if there are specific reasons why they joined a women-only supporter club of a male sport. A census of the Sirens. the women-only supporter club of the Fremantle Dockers Football Club was completed using a self-administered questionnaire. A 58 percent response rate was achieved. The quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics. The qualitative data responses to open-ended questions were analysed using thematic and content analysis. Demographic characteristics revealed women who were older than expected employed professionally and predominantly of Australian or British origin. The Sirens' dedication to the Fremantle Dockers team and Fremantle Football Club as a whole was the main reason for women's membership of the supporter club. While social activities were enjoyable more satisfaction was derived from activities associated to the game of Australian football. The findings suggested that the Sirens preference was not for men's sport generally but for the Australian Football League specifically.