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Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Bachelor of Health Science Honours


School of Medical and Health Sciences

First Supervisor

Dr Ruth Wallace

Second Supervisor

Professor Amanda Devine

Third Supervisor

Dr Leesa Costello

Fourth Supervisor

Mrs Ros Sambell


Background: Outside of school hours care (OSHC) services are underutilised as health promoting settings, yet are well positioned to influence health behaviours. OSHC Professionals are ideally placed to become positive influencers in this setting, although may require training to confidently perform this role.

Aim: This research trialed a multifaceted intervention strategy to increase OSHC Professional’s confidence and competencies, to support a health promoting OSHC environment with a nutrition and PA activity focus.

Design and Methods: This exploratory study adopted a mixed methods approach. The three-pronged, multifaceted intervention included: a workshop, a closed Facebook group, and a website. 19 OSHC Professionals, participated in the study and attended a four-hour workshop that addressed health promoting opportunities in OSHC, through training, a closed Facebook group, and a website. Confidence levels, role adequacy and legitimacy were measured pre and post workshop. Interactions on the closed Facebook page was monitored and analysed and four participants undertook exit interviews to discuss their experience of the intervention.

Results: Pre workshop 68% of participants had not received any health promotion training for the OSHC setting. Post workshop significant improvements in confidence about menu planning, accessing nutrition information and activities, and use of recipes was observed (P

Conclusion: Health promoting competency based training, combined with positive social connections and shared learning experiences, and a website repository improved OSHC Professionals confidence and capacity to provide a health promoting OSHC environment.


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