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Kate Lomas Glendenning

ORCID: 0000-0002-7012-0521

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of Arts and Humanities

First Advisor

Debra Dudek


So why is grammar an unsung hero that rarely receives acknowledgement? And why do the first two sentences of this abstract start with coordinating conjunctions? This thesis will explore elastic grammar: a term I coined to recognise style devices that are traditionally thought of as grammatically incorrect but are used to create a deeper level of meaning within fiction. The analysis of the elasticity of grammar will be conducted through close readings of three children’s books and three elastic grammar devices. Since each novel’s primary focus is storytelling, this thesis analyses elastic grammar that relates to storytelling. The three elastic grammar devices—sentence fragments, comma splices, and starting a sentence with a coordinating conjunction—will be analysed in Haroun and the Sea of Stories (1990) by Salman Rushdie, Inkheart (2003) by Cornelia Funke, and A Monster Calls (2011) by Patrick Ness. This thesis argues that the use of these three elastic grammar devices emphasises how characters connect or disconnect with themselves and others.

Available for download on Sunday, March 17, 2024