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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Business (Honours)


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Wayne Kwan


Marketing academics and practitioners have been studying the effects of marketing orientation on the level business performance for many years. To date, there has been little effort to develop a valid measure of marketing orientation, and analyse its impact on business performance. Because of the lack of such a measure, companies possess no specific guidelines how they may become more marketing orientated. This study presents a valid measure of marketing orientation and analyses its effect on business performance. A conceptual model for marketing orientation is presented. This model comprises of four components: customer orientation; competitor orientation; interfunctional coordination; and long-term orientation. Each of these components is tested to establish whether they are a valid measure of marketing orientation. Together these components form a theoretical model for marketing orientation. These components shall then be used to determine their effect on the business performance of a company. The results from this study, will indicate whether a significant relationship exists between marketing orientation and business performance. To determine whether this relationship exists, the measure for marketing orientation shall be tested on the West Australian wine industry. The status of the West Australian wine industry indicates many wine producing companies are experiencing low performance levels. This study on the wine industry will indicate whether this measure of marketing orientation is valid in increasing business performance. The findings from this study will test the theory that marketing orientation increases business performance. The findings shall also provide a current summary of the level of sophistication the West Australian wine industry is at, for marketing orientation. Essentially, it shall provide wine companies a valid measure of marketing orientation that may assist them in improving their business performance levels.

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