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Thesis - ECU Access Only

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


School of Arts and Humanities

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Paul Uhlmann


Things are not always what they seem is a practice-led project that explores the nature of Self-existence. At the centre of this topic is a resolved ethos of interconnectedness; a Self constructed from complex body-mind-environment relationships. The artwork created in response to this research journey discloses the non-conscious bodily processes shaping the perceived Self and reveals a conductive influence, recognised as the work of emptiness. It is important to acknowledge that this is not ‘emptiness’ in the Western sense of the word, emptiness here does not denote a void constituting nothingness or a deficiency, but a space supportive of a reciprocal essence - the potential for creation. In a project that begins with a desire to know the ways the body and mind communicate via automatism, it sparks an inquiry into the connections between modern physics and Buddhism, identifying one of the world’s oldest creation myths: Indra’s Net. An introspective investigation which moves into an ocean of worlds, this work is the tip of an iceberg within the infinity of things.

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Some images are not available in this version of the thesis due to copyright considerations.