The improvisational art of Shenzo Gregorio: Exploring his transition from classical violinist to cross-genre improviser

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Bachelor of Music Honours


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

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Jonathan Paget


This dissertation examines the musical craft and artistry of innovative Australian violinist/violist Shenzo Gregorio (Shenton Gregory) and his transition from classical violinist to cross-genre improvisor. My research explores mental and practice strategies employed by Gregorio in making this transition, and how he has developed his authentic improvising style. This style draws on an eclectic range of musical genres and incorporates a variety of idiosyncratic extended techniques. Semi-structured interviews and demonstrations were conducted to gain insight into unique aspects of Gregorio’s improvisatory practice. In addition, transcription analyses of five of his recorded performances highlight his improvisational diversity and musical idiolect. Furthermore, a series of exercises and practical advice has been compiled and codified as an informal guide for aspiring improvising violinists. Although Gregorio is highly respected by audiences and colleagues, there has been no formal academic research into his musical practice. My paper addresses this lacuna and contributes to the emerging literature offering practical guidance on the art of cross-genre improvisation.


Author also known as Jude Iddison

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