Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis - ECU Access Only

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Honours


School of Psychology and Social Science


Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science

First Advisor

Dr Rodrigo Becerra

Second Advisor

Dr EYal Gringat


The coherence between subjective experience and physiological reactivity during emotional episodes remains a topic of debate among emotion researchers. This paper provides a review of the research that has investigated emotion coherence between subjective experience and physiological reactivity using emotion-eliciting films. Studies were identified by a systematic search of electronic databases. Exclusions and inclusion criteria were used according to the PRISMA statement, including year of publication, methods, and language. Results indicated that although evidence for coherence has been found they are often mixed weak-to-moderate associations. In addition, this review found no conclusive evidence to support using a dimensional and/or discrete emotion model, highlighting theoretical and practical implications. Potential methodological moderators that may limit support for coherence were discussed. This review highlights a number of gaps within the literature and concludes with recommendations for further research.