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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


School of Education

First Supervisor

Mr Lou Thompson

Second Supervisor

Dr Norm Hyde


The purposes of this study were (a) to analyse the implementation of the Kangaroo Creek Gang Drug Education Package (KCGDEP) (Kangaroo Creek Gang, 1988b), and (b) to evaluate teachers' perceptions of the KCGDEP in terms of its goals, format, processes and outcomes. The KCGDEP was found to have been implemented in 24% of the primary schools surveyed (N= 100), with a mean of 5.1% of teachers in these schools using the package. Teachers' perceptions of the KCGDEP were analysed through the administration of a curriculum evaluation questionnaire, adapted from Piper (1976, p. 83-89), and teacher interviews. This process was carried out in six W.A. primary schools. Data collected in this way showed that teachers who had implemented the KCGDEP had favourable perceptions of it. A chi-square test showed that implementation of the KCGDEP was contingent on inservicing. Teachers' use of the KCGDEP, however, was idiosyncratic and did not correspond with the intentions of its developers. Moreover, teachers were not convinced of the efficacy of the KCGDEP as an effective means of drug education. This was highlighted by the fact that teachers were not familiar with the package's rationale or its approach to drug education. As a result of data interpretation it was recommended that the statement of the KCGDEP's rationale should be revised so that the theoretical underpinnings of the package's approach to drug education could be more effectively communicated to teachers; a greater number of teachers should be given the opportunity to attend inservice courses on the effective use of the KCGDEP; and long-term assistance should be provided for teachers wishing to implement the KCGDEP.