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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Yvonne Rate


The major purpose of this study is to examine sex role dependent and sex role independent teacher behaviour in sex integrated primary school physical education lessons, utilising a systematic behaviour observation instrument. Sex role dependent behaviour accepts or expects sex role stereotypic behaviour in males and females or discourages male and female behaviour that is non-stereotypic. Sex role independent behaviour encourages, accepts or expects female and male behaviour that is independent of sex role stereotypes. The study will allow the analysis of sex role stereotypic patterns of teacher behaviour to determine the extent to which equality of participation and interaction in those classes observed is being achieved. The expectations of teachers of physical education may favour and reinforce the participation and achievement of boys over girls, if sex stereotypic patterns of behaviour are present. Additionally the study will evaluate the modifications to the Sex Role Dependent/Independent Teacher Behavior Observation Instrument (Griffin, 1980), as recommended by Griffin (.1980) and Rate (1987) in order to determine if the modified instrument provides an effective means of obtaining descriptive information about teacher behaviour related to sex role dependence or independence. These modifications require a reduction in the number of categories, and the combination of these categories into more simplified categories in order to generate greater recorded frequencies in the specified categories, thus improving the observation instrument as a measure of sex role dependent/independent behaviour. The final outcome of the study may be to provide an improved descriptive observation instrument which will provide information for teachers about sex equity in their lessons. The modifications to the instrument may provide teacher educators with an observational instrument which could be utilised by pre-service and in-service teachers, assisting them to become more aware of sex equity issues.