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Bachelor of Education Honours


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A nine-member panel with acknowledged expertise across a broad range of industrial relations interests made up the respondent population. Panelists opinions were collected, summarised, then re-submitted to the panel with an invitation to review their opinions in the light of the group summary. This process was repeated three times -the first consisting of individual progressively structured interviews, the other two being written surveys. A high level of consensus was achieved, both in ;1 content selections and in the reasons for choosing such topics. This resulted in the development of a course outline consisting of the following major topics - historical overview, overview of the formal industrial relations system, role of trade unions and employers, industrial relations in the workplace and communications. Sub-content for each heading was also identified and included in the resulting outline, with justification in the form of reasons for those selections. The course outline offers a guide to content suitable for inclusion in a short (two to three day) introductory training course to the Western Australian industrial relations system. It is directed towards the needs of key employer and employee representatives in the workplace who, whilst not industrial relations specialists, nonetheless have a role in workplace decision making. The focus of the course is upon providing information which is fundamental to an understanding of industrial relations at both the formal and workplace levels. The reasons given for selection show the validity and relevance of this content for workplace participants. As such the course is capable of adaptation to a wide range of individual learning and industry needs.