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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Joe Hegney


This study identifies 'if' and 'how' design education is incorporated in lower secondary school Industrial Arts units, and determines if teacher training and teachers' perceptions of certain issues, are influential in the use of design education. A stratified random sample (50 teachers in 25 schools) was taken from all government secondary schools in W.A. The participants were surveyed with a postal questionnaire, and a follow-up interview was conducted with a selection of the respondents. There was a return rate of 84%. Data analysis determined the frequency distribution for structured questions and organized the data for non structured items into groups with a common theme. The resultant data illustrated that design was rarely taught as a structured process, but was incorporated in much lower school work as simple design choices and considerations. Current teacher training was not considered a significant factor in design use, however, respondents did give reasons they believed were influential. The indications are that design education is both educationally and socially desirable. However, for design education to be included in the school curriculum it needs to be given academic status equivalent to other subjects. It also needs to be taught in a structured manner, and for a period of time that would enable students to acquire sufficient skills and knowledge to design effectively.

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