Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Education Honours


School of Education


Western Australian College of Advanced Education

First Advisor

Mr Steven Simpson

Second Advisor

Mr. Norm Hyde

Third Advisor

Mr. Sybe Jongeling


In this study, the incorporation of computers in industry is compared with the industrial revolution. It is envisaged that computers in industry will bring about similar sweeping changes to the workforce as those that took place during the eighteenth century. However, it is noted that, thus far, Australian industry leaders in general remain ignorant of these changes (Eckersley 1988,p.3) and the Western Australian furniture industry is no exception. If Australian industry in general and the Western Australian furniture industry in particular, are to avoid a similar decline in economic competitiveness to that experienced by European countries {Marcum 1986,p.28 ), there must be a change of attitude toward the implementation of computer technology. In an attempt to determine and discuss some of the reasons for this attitude within the furniture industry in Western Australia, this study isolates the Western Australian furniture industry from other industries and collects information based on the beliefs of its employers. These beliefs, in turn, lead to attitudes which may affect the implementation of C.A.M. and it is these attitudes that were tested with the use of a questionnaire designed specifically for this purpose.