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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Nursing Honours


School of Nursing

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Dr Nancy Hudson-Rodd


For any profession to develop, grow and plan for the future, it is imperative that all members know from whence they have come. Nurses', however, do not generally consider this to be an important aspect to their professional development, and hence have focused more on empirical or experimental research. Whilst much literature has been written on nursing history, it has focused primarily on its founding women and its inception from the mid nineteenth century when a more structured training evolved. This study, therefore, goes beyond this period of time and examines a man who played an equally important role in the profession's evolution. Using primary and secondary sources of nursing, religious, sociological, military and Spanish literature, this qualitative historical study will examine Juan Cidade, a Portuguese/Spaniard, who in the sixteenth century opened a hospital focusing on holistic: care. This generation of knowledge regarding men in nursing will broaden nursing knowledge, thus, provide a basis for further research.