Date of Award


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Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Bachelor of Applied Sciences Honours


Faculty of Science and Technology

First Supervisor

DR James Cooper


The literature review performed as part of this Project concentrated on two objectives. The first objective was the identification of techniques applicable to the visualisation of the inshore marine water depth data obtained from the Department of Marine & Harbours (M&H). The second objective involved examining how colour is best used within data visualisation. The experimentation investigated a simple method for interpreting movement between depth surveys undertaken by M&H. Although it achieved the objective of creating a longer and smoother animation, it was concluded that the movement of the harbour floor was not accurately represented. The Project applied an optical flow algorithm, originating from computer vision, to perform analysis of motion of material on the harbour floor. The output from the algorithm is a map that shows the motion (magnitude and direction) of the harbour floor in such a way that would allow M&H to quantitatively measure the changes in the harbour, as well as create a static image visualising the changes that occur from survey to survey. Finally, we propose an algorithm to interpolate depth data between surveys. This is based on using the derived optical flow velocities to perform a morphing operation.