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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Honours


School of Psychology


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

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Dr Cath Ferguson

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Dr Ken Robinson


Research suggests a relationship exists between the resilience of the Small Business Owner (SBO) and the resilience of their business, however the nature of this relationship is unclear. The current study investigated whether the internal resources of the SBO were significant in predicting the resilience of their business. A sample of 108 SBOs in the Perth metropolitan area completed an online questionnaire which measured aspects of individual and business resilience. A series of multiple regression analyses were used to test three hypotheses. The results from all three analyses consistently revealed that the internal resources of the SBO were the most important predictors of business resilience compared to other resilience factors. Furthermore, the resilience of the SBO was related to the resilience of their business through awareness and the SBO’s internal perception of self. No other study could be found that has provided scientific evidence of a link between the owner’s internal perception and the perception of their business, nor identified specific attributes of individual resilience that are predictive of business resilience. Future research should include studies of resilience which focus on the internal resources of the SBO.

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