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Bachelor of Communications Honours


Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries


The locus of performance support implementation was once the domain of large corporations where its principles offered an attractive alternative to traditional methods of training within the scope of contemporary business practices. Due to economies of scale the large corporations were able to build effective performance support through the precise identification of the PERFORMANCE ZONE. This zone is created through the defining of the three attributes of performance, 1) the nature of the worker, 2) the nature of the task, and 3) the type and amount of support needed. lncreasingly the principles of performance-centred design have been adopted within diverse sectors. One of which is the embedding of performance centred design principles in consumer software where the developer doesn't have the privileged access to be able to define the above attributes of performance. These consumer electronic performance support systems don't share access to the attributes of performance as other systems. My thesis is that this deficit of access precludes the newer models being identified as true EPSS, and further, for these models to become true EPSS they must shift developmental focus from the problematics of defining the PERFORMANCE ZONE, to those of Imagining it!