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Bachelor of Health Science Honours


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

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Adrianne Montgomery


The intent of this research was to explore the phenomenon of remote area nursing in relation to a theoretical framework, the SUN Conceptual Model. A Theory-Research-Theory strategy was chosen in order to modify, refine or redevelop the model. Using a descriptive, interpretive design, a sample of eight Remote Area Nurses (RANs) in Western Australia were asked to describe their experiences of remote area nursing. The data were collected by telephone interview. Themes were extrapolated and categorised according to key concepts of the previously developed model. Common components of significant statements were identified in order to gain understanding of the meanings of responses. Analysis revealed that some overlap existed between the original key concepts of the model which were subsequently regrouped or made redundant. This process culminated in a revision of the original model. The revised SUN Conceptual Model was thus considered to be a useful theoretical framework for reflecting the reality of remote area nursing, as supported by the literature. Study findings point to the need for more research to further examine the model as a theoretical framework for RAN practice and to identify factors which contribute to the effectiveness of RANs. The study provides a contribution to the knowledge base of RANs while moving towards the development of a theoretical framework which may be included in education programmes and ultimately practice.

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