Date of Award


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Education Honours


Faculty of Education

First Advisor

Janet Williams


The purpose of this research is to review the Primary Extension and Challenge Programme (P.E.A.C.) in a Metropolitan District, from a parent, classroom teacher and student perspective. P.E.A.C. has been operating in Western Australian primary schools for approximately 8 years, yet to date, only one evaluation of the P.E.A.C. programme has been conducted. This was carried out in the Swanbourne District in 1990. It appears vital that the programme is evaluated and that feedback is gained from all those involved - parents, classroom teachers and students. The sample of 106 subjects consisted of students from Years 5, 6 and 7 attending P.E.A.C. in the metropolitan district, as well as their respective classroom teachers and parents. Views on the effectiveness of the programme were obtained by the implementation of a questionnaire devised by the researcher and given to the sample. The questionnaire itself contained 30 fixed-format questions and 5 open-ended questions. The fixed-format questions were categorised into 5 variables - Expectations, Future Directions, Identification, Outcomes and Knowledge. These variables were derived from the literature review and from the aims of the P.E.A.C. programme as stated by the Ministry of Education. Interviews following a semi-structured format were also conducted with the co-ordinator and teachers of P.E.A.C. in the metropolitan district. The data has been analysed by collating and tabulating the results of the completed questionnaires. The means and standard deviations of each variable have been calculated and comparisons made across variables and between groups. Frequencies of responses to the open-ended questions have been categorised and tallied and general comments regarding common trends were made. Common themes arising from the interviews have also been discussed. Any areas of need will be brought to the attention of the co-ordinator and teachers of P.E.A.C. in the metropolitan district.