Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Honours)


School of Communication and Arts


Education and Arts

First Advisor

Dr Nicola Kaye


This research within this exegesis has developed out of the idea that pedestrian passage through public urban space is characterised by slippages in the perception of time and the senses. This concept is theoretically framed by Marc Augé’s notion of “non-place” (1995) and Michel de Certeau’s (1984) unconscious phenomenology of walking the city street. This exegesis examines the development of a reflexive unconscious language within a visual arts practice, as a tactics of resistance to controlled pedestrian passage. This theoretical framework, along with Alex Villar’s “Temporary Occupations”, forms part of a reflexive praxis that examines the progression of my creative practice towards my culminating honours exhibition Be on Time, which opened at Spectrum Project Space, Perth WA in June 2012. The creative performative labour employed in the processes of making the artworks “Twenty-five degrees two hundred and fifty-two minutes and twenty-four seconds”, “A plied way”, “Clearing” and “6000 steps”, is shown to be central to the development of this tactics of resistance, which manifests as a tension between tongue-in-cheek humour and homage. Concluding with a reflexive analysis of Be on time, I decide that these slippages in perception provide space for a resistant creation of a sense of place in the urban everyday, through the memory and reverie of pedestrian passage.