Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering Honours


Faculty of Communications, Health and Science

First Advisor

Dr Ganesh Kothapalli


The aim of this project is to develop a DSP implementation of a QPSK transmitter. This transmitter is to process digital signals in real-time and modulate it with sinusoidal and cosinusoidal signals to produce the required QPSK waveform. This thesis is mainly divided into three sections. The first section deals with the theory of modulation. Phase shift keying, in particular binary phase shift keying, is explained in some detail, with references to the generation of quadrature phase shift keying. In the second section, a brief overview of the SIMULINK package from MATLAB is given, as simulations of ideal and nonideal QPSK transmitters are to be conducted using SIMULINK. The first simulation trial will be analysed and compared with the theory of PSK transmitter with an introduction to the Texas Instruments TMS320x542 Digital Signal Processor, and all program codes relating to the generation of BPSK. An implementation of a Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) transmitter will be developed using two TMS320x542 Digital Signal Processors, with all necessary modifications to the DSP codes. The simulation and DSP implementation results are substantiated by comparison with the theory of PSK modulation.