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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Dr Jennifer Browne


A School Development Plan is a process by which a school can function and develop school-based curricula. Performance indicators should be established for all subject and administrative areas within the school. These indicators need to be assessed and evaluated by the use of a Management Information System (MIS) designed to suit each area of the school. To establish performance criteria and a MIS in physical education, it is important to determine the level at which the children are performing. This study was designed to assess the fitness levels of all children aged 7 to 12 years attending a selected school and to use the results as a base for the development of physical education performance indicators, and a MIS which will consist of baseline data against which future assessments can be made. A school-based physical education programme will be developed using the results of this study to isolate areas of need within the school. Fitness assessment was carried out using the Australian Schools Fitness Test (Pyke, 1986). The results were analysed to determine priority areas across aqe groups and between boys and girls. A statistical analysis was also made between the results of this study and Australian norms developed by Pyke in 1985 from the Australian Health and Fitness survey. The level of fitness of children attending the selected school was found to be of a low standard, particularly in cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance activities. Girls performed at lower levels than boys in all areas of fitness except flexibility. The flexibility of all children declined during the primary school years.