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Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Honours


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure


Faculty of Business and Law

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Dr Helen Cripps

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Dr Alicia Stanway


Global warming is a concern for many people around the world (Lorenzoni, Pidgeon, 2006; Searle & Gow, 2010). The negative effect of climate change is increasingly apparent (Belluscio, 2010; Dunlop, 2010; Hirabayashi, Kanae, Emori, Oki & Kimoto, 2008; Oelemans, 1994). In response to growing public concern, governments are implementing legislation and carbon initiatives to decrease the impact of climate change (Crane, 2010; D’Souza, 2005). Although these government actions are important to implement environmental preservation among industries, this study focuses on the intentions of purchasing behaviour of the individual homeowner of the South West region of Western Australia. More specifically, the purchasing behaviour towards solar panels as they are the most commercially accessible form of renewable technology for homeowners. Increasing the intention of homeowners to purchase solar panels may subsequently reduce the impact of global warming. This study used Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to test three factors (behavioural beliefs, normative beliefs and control beliefs) that may influence the intention to purchase solar panels. A quantitative approach was used in this study, surveying 342 respondents. The results indicated that intention to purchase solar panels can be predicted by behavioural, normative and control beliefs, however, normative beliefs was the strongest predictor. In light of the findings attained by this study, marketing firms may use the results to add additional dimensions to future campaigns. This may have an effect of increasing the uptake of solar panels by homeowners in the South West region, which could reduce carbon emissions that are a side-effect of producing electricity. Reducing carbon emissions in the South West region could be the start of reducing the global impact of climate change.

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