Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Communications Honours


Faculty of Communications, Health and Science

First Advisor

Norm Leslie


This honours project is divided into two parts. Part one is the written thesis. Part two is the photographic component. Part one discusses some of the practices and discourses associated with 'documentary' photography. Some documentary practices and discourses of the past can be seen to be culturally divisive. These practices and discourses were based on being, white, male and European. This ideology and its discursive modes are in conflict with contemporary photographic practices and the relevant social and cultural theories that define it. The thesis defines the discourses and practices of the modernist and postmodernist documentary photographer. It highlights the discursive modes and locates a common link. In the consumerist postmodern world, the image, whether it is modernist or postmodernist becomes a commodity. Part two is a photographic book called 'roses'. The book component works with the notion of the 'commodity', forming a link with the written thesis.

Included in

Fine Arts Commons