Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Communications Honours


School of Communications and Arts


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Advisor

Dr George Karpathakis

Second Advisor

Max Pam


This creative Honours project is a practice-led inquiry into the photographed female nude. The images of the female nude photographed during the course of this project were taken in Australia and Colombia, providing a progression in aesthetics as the project unfolded. Informing the practice, and hence the images, is Roland Barthes’ concept of the punctum as read through Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytical concept of the real. The project endeavours to develop an aesthetic of visual pleasure to liberate the female nude from a predominant psychosexual reading, and advocate a revisualisation of the nude as a less sexually objectified form.!In addition, while previous experience with photographic film gave insight into the apogees and nadirs of the ‘accident’, those good or bad moments that interrupt the photographer’s intent. I found that operating in the developing world – Colombia – provided far more uncertainty. Contingent and serendipitous elements arose that gave greater scope to my investigation into the aesthetics surrounding the female nude.