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Bachelor of Nursing Honours


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

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Maxine Serrell


Currently bedside nurses working in Perth public hospitals have little exposure to electronic information systems (EIS's). Over the next two years an EIS will be implemented into the 15 Perth public hospitals by the Health Department of W. A. Acceptance of any EIS by staff determines whether such systems will be used. Therefore in order to gain maximum benefit from an EIS, it has been strongly suggested that hospitals examine the attitudes of their nurses toward computerisation. 130 nurses at a Perth teaching hospital responded to a questionnaire, incorporating a tool designed by Strange and Brodt (1985), reported to be both reliable and valid, that measured their attitude toward computerisation. The study revealed that the overall attitude toward computerisation scored less when compared to other similar reported studies. As well, significant differences in attitude toward computerisation was found for specific variables, none of which had been reported in other studies. Recommendations concern trainers and EIS implementors being aware of and responding to the concerns and fears of the potential users.

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