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Bachelor of Arts Honours


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Dr Brian Shoesmith


The introduction and expansion of FM radio broadcasting services in Australia was a long, difficult process, marked by planning and policy blunders. Attesting this fact, two regional cities in Western Australia have experienced a lack of adequate and comprehensive commercial broadcasting services. The city of Geraldton has an oversupply of commercial radio services, leading to poor quality programming. The similarly sized city of Bunbury is not serviced by commercial FM radio at all, due to an error in planning television services in the early 1960s. The intention of the study is to examine the policy paradigms which evolved from the process. Underpinned by Cultural Studies methodology, this dissertation analyses the competing policy discourses, and the failure of policy itself that bought about the above situations. The paper concludes that a lack of clear, and comprehensive policy guidelines when introducing FM radio led to the situation, which was continuing at the time this research was conducted.

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