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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Faculty of Education

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Dr Mike Harvey


This thesis documents the implications of the Ashenden proposal for the work of teacher librarians in particular, and teachers in general. The participants are eight practising teacher librarians ‘in charge', from Perth metropolitan secondary schools. Data for this qualitative study was collected through semi-structured interviews and analysed using the constant comparative method. The study identifies the main strength of Ashenden's proposal as his orientation\ towards the professional ideology of teachers which implies trust in the professional intentions, knowledge and discretionary judgements of teachers. The study also finds that the Ashenden proposal is incompatible with the work of teaching as a profession. Points of departure arise from: Ashenden's view of the industrial relations process; the productivity requirement to work within existing levels of resourcing; his industrial management approach which tends to characterise teaching as a labour form of work; and his limited view of the problems associated with teachers' work. This thesis proposes two alternative courses of action, based on an integration of the field data, the literature, and the identified strengths of the Ashenden proposal. One proposal is intended for all teachers. The other is intended for teacher librarians, who form the specific focus of the study.