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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Faculty of Education

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Dr John Williamson


This study investigated the perceptions of lower secondary school teachers about the utilisation of a design process. Seven Design and Technology teachers from government and private secondary schools, situated in Perth metropolitan area, were selected. The participants have been using a design process in lower secondary school for at least eighteen months prior to the study. Each participant was interviewed individually and the interviews were audio-recorded. The Education Department of Western Australia considers a design process as a central element in the Technology and Enterprise learning area of the Student Outcome Statements. However, not much is known about how this problem-solving process may be used in lower secondary schools. This study found that although the teachers may have encountered a design process in their teaching, they are not all convinced about its practicality in Design and Technology. The real issue which emerged from this study is that attention should be given to the teaching of a design process in schools.