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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Faculty of Education

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Geoffrey Lummis


The study investigated the beliefs and attitudes of primary school teachers in the Bunbury region toward the subject of science. Teachers' beliefs and attitudes were investigated in terms of the dependant variables of teachers' attitude toward science, preference for teaching science and confidence to teach science and how they related to the independent variables of qualifications, Year 11 and 12 science subjects, years of teaching experience, time of last science inservice and gender. Teachers' perceptions of the barriers toward more and better teaching of science in primary schools were also investigated. The sample included 89 teachers from nine schools, six Western Australian Department of Education schools, two Catholic Education schools and one Independent school, all situated in the Bunbury region. The sample consisted of 59 female primary school teachers and 30 male primary school teachers. The participants were required to complete a 28 item survey which included questions to determine the demographics of the sample, background information on the teachers, an idea of teachers' attitude, preference and confidence for teaching science and information about how teachers are teaching science. The study found teachers to generally have a high attitude and confidence toward teaching science and a moderate preference for the subject.