Date of Award


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science Honours


Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering

First Advisor

Dr Jackie Alder


Currently there is no information available which documents the monitoring and evaluation practices undertaken in the coastal zone of Western Aust1alia by coastal zone managers. A review of current Australian-wide management practices in coastal management reveals that monitoring and evaluation are limited in their application. The adequacy of the links between coastal monitoring and evaluation, on which our understanding of the state of the coastal zone environment is based, is one of two central themes throughout this research. The other theme is that without an accurate, reliable and effectively managed monitoring and research information base, coastal management will be haphazard leading to duplication and waste of time, funding, and personnel. A survey of Western Australian State and Local government coastal zone managers was undertaken to establish a profile of coastal monitoring and evaluation practices. The survey revealed that coastal zone management in Western Australia does not function as a cohesive unified process. This survey highlighted poor coastal zone awareness among coastal managers; funding and time as the main constraints to effective monitoring; inefficient management of monitoring and research information; and the lack a management framework which effectively integrates monitoring and evaluation activities as the major monitoring and evaluation initiatives that need to be developed if Integrated Coastal Zone Management is to provide for sustainable use of the coast. A number of coastal management frameworks are outlined which have the potential to address these issues. These lead to a model for combining integrated coastal zone management with a life cycle approach to program and policy evaluation. Current Western Australian efforts to overcome information management problems are compared and recommendations presented. Conclusions and recommendations are made based upon political realism and practical achievablity