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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Dr Andrew Taggart


Time spent successfully engaged in motor skill activity has been found to have a high correlation with skill learning and achievement (Metzler, 1989). This study describes the different activities and key behaviours in which students are engaged and which ones provide opportunities to make motor skill responses. These key behaviours are described as they occur within a year eight netball class incorporating the sport education curriculum model. Selected students were observed in the natural setting to determine how their time was spent in a sport education unit. The method incorporated systematic observation, checklist recording and the use of interviews in an attempt to describe the learning opportunities used by high and low skilled participants in a sport education netball unit. Analysis of engaged time and skill responses performed were the major sources of data generation. Student perceptions of their sport education experiences were also revealed to indicate what the students actually think of their motor skill development and their level of performance. The overall purpose of the study is, therefore, to describe student behavioural experiences of motor learning and game-playing skills within a sport education season. This involves highlighting the types of opportunities students are given to perform motor skills and the way they use these opportunities. The students perceptions of their opportunities are also considered to highlight their opinions and thoughts of the sport education unit. Major findings revealed that students generally prefer sport education classes to traditional physical education classes. Motor skill development does occur within the sport education setting and social developmet is greatly enhanced. This study provides new information on motor skill learning within sport education context and can be used as a basis for future research in sport education and motor skill development within physical education.