Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering Honours


Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering

First Advisor

Mike Wetton


In many environments, motion, vibration and contamination to the Secondary Storage Devices such as hard drives can cause data to become unreadable or even lost. Elimination of these types of magnetic drives, incorporating its replacement with a Solid State Memory Storage Device would provide an invaluable solution for these type of environments. If a secondary storage system could replace these electro-mechanical disk drive systems incorporating a Solid State Secondary Storage Device such as the Flash Memory Integrated Chips, an increase in the speed of reading from milli-seconds to nano-seconds would transpire as well as providing a robust Secondary Storage Device. In addition to this the rapid increase in the sophistication of software has placed more pressure on the microcontroller to increase its memory capacity, especially that of user RAM. From this need, it is the aim of this thesis to show steps in the designing an interface to the MC68HCII microcontroller that would increase the user RAM. The design incorporates four Am29F010 Flash Memory Chips as the peripheral Secondary Storage Device.